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Mischell Riley

1894 E William Street, Suite 4-309
Carson City, NV 89701

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My latest sculpture Maya's Mind has been selected to show at the Smithsonian in Washington DC March through December of 2018. I am working in cooperation with the Maya Angelou Foundation on making scholarships for women in the Arts.


"I strive to create art that speaks of humanity and nature. My works are designed to tell a story, to capture joy, passion, and underlying emotion.

Many of my figurative sculptures are historic representations of noted Americans. Others are images of people in profound circumstances. A number are life or larger than life, designed for the beautification of public places.

My love of creatures small and large has given rise to a portfolio of wildlife sculptures, capturing the spirit and beauty of the animal form.

For me, sculpting is a celebration of life, a transcendence into the physicality of the object that I am creating. It is my passion, the very essence of who I am."


I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, grew up in Colorado, and have been making Nevada my home since 1992. I was a two time Junior Olympics Gold Medalist in the High Jump and entered College with seven scholarships in track and two scholarships in art. I was a six-time All-American and qualified for the United States Olympic Team, but failed to participate due to injuries. The motivation, dedication and discipline I developed as an athlete I have maintained and relied on in my art.

In 2007, I was recruited by Bert Effing, producer of "The Joy of Painting" and Bob Ross's former agent, to develop a program that would introduce sculpting to television. A pilot for the show has been aired in Berlin and Holland; development is continuing for future broadcast on PBS in North America, Europe and national television in China.


2004-2006   CEO Training, Los Angeles, CA

1998             Anatomy (Cadaver) Research
                     Colorado University Medical School, Denver, CO

1995-1998    Stone Carving Apprenticeship
                     Bill Snow Academy, Carthage, MO

1991-1992    Bronze Apprenticeship -Included Larger than Life Monument sculpting
                     as well as training in all eleven phases of the casting process
                     (mold making, wax chasing, metal pouring, welding, metal chasing,
                     chemical patina, and full casting).
                     American Art Casting, Snell Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ
1987-1991    Bachelor of Fine Arts
                     Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

1984-1986    Associate of Arts
                     Eastern Oklahoma State College, Wilburn, OK




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