Bronze by Mischell


1992 - Present        Bronze by Mischell
Have produced bronze monuments for public and private commissions and government grants including busts and portraits of wildlife and people. Have conducted numerous public classes at such institutions as the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV, and Loveland Sculpture Academy, Loveland, CO, as well as private classes in the local area.  


2012    Restoration of Mother Mary stature for St Theresa, Carson City, NV
2011    Nine life-size sculptures, life stages of Christ, Reno, NV
2010    Three foot bust of Barack Obama for school in Hawaii
2010    Reno Firemen Memorial, two life size bronzes, Reno, NV
2009    Bust of John Nash for Princeton University, NJ
2008    Bronco Rider, Washoe Valley, NV
2008    Larger than life Marion Motley for University of Reno, NV
2007    Modern Dancers for Community Center in New Mexico
2006    Life size Harry Truman for Independence, MO
2005    Forensic bust for Forensic Lab in New Mexico
2004    Jim Morrison Coat, San Francisco, CA
2004    Featured artist sculpting medallions and coins, Dayton, NV
2001    Mr Spiva, life size portrait on park bench, Joplin, OK
2000    Butterfly Dreams, Miami Arts/Humanity, Miami, OK
1999    Pearl Gates, golden retriever portrait, Incline Village, NV
1999    Jesus, life size portrait, Miami, OK
1999    The Good Shepherd, All Saints Episcopal Church, Miami, OK
1999    Trail of Tears, Native American Boy, Independence, MO
1999    Pioneer Woman, Independence, MO
1999    Sonic Girl, Sonic retirement trophy, Miami, OK
1998    Family, six life size children, Independence, MO
1998    Grandchildren, Independence, MO
1998    Garden Boy, life size boy, Miami, OK
1998    From Generation to Generation, First National Bank, Miami, OK
1998    Great Horned Owl, Independence, MO
1998    Ballerinas, Springfield, MO
1998    Misha, life size portrait, Albuquerque, NM
1998    Greek Torsos, figure in marble, Marble Marble, CO
1998    Arabian Dance, Joplin, MO
1997    The Dreamer, life size man on bench, Independence, MO
1997    Autumn Play, boy portrait, Miami, OK
1997    Danella, life size bust, Joplin, MO
1997    Windy Moon, Arabian horse, Incline Village, NV
1996    Cherokee Warrior, Dallas, TX
1996    Once Upon a Time, life size boy, Miami, OK
1996    Dolphin Play, Orange County, CA
1996    Arabian Dream, Grove, OK
1996    Life's Lessons, tennis players, Joplin, MO
1996    Angel, life size, Joplin, MO
1996    Thoroughbred, portrait, Miami, OK
1996    Inner Strength, male ballet, Joplin, MO
1996    Quality in Medicine Award, Joplin, MO
1995    Wolf Song, Dallas, TX
1995    Kelsey's World, Miami, OK
1995    First Day of School, Independence, OK
1995    Cherokee Princess, Independence, OK
1995    Fireman & Child, Oklahoma City Bombing, Grove, OK
1994    Buddies, horse and dog portrait, Grove, OK
1994    Pine Bluff & Little E.T., horse race, Chicago, IL
1994    Memories, Labrador bust, Grove, OK
1994    Self, angel, Denver, CO
1994    Great Blue Heron, Commerce, OK
1994    The Rape of Lida, Rochester, NY
1994    Hummingbird, Bartlesville, OK
1993    Hope, Nation Champion Labrador, Grove, OK
1993    Humpback Whale, Green Peace Awareness, Miami, OK
1993    Mother Mary, Miami, OK
1993    Finished Dreams, Grove, OK
1993    Eagle Head, Grove, OK
1993    Golden Eagle, Grove, OK
1992    Arabian Colt, Sedona, AZ
1992    Rottweiler, Fayetteville, AR
1992    Man Without Soul, nude abstract, Grove, OK
1991    Gift from the Sea, Neptune, Miami, FL


1998    Best Sculpture                        The Dreamer              Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1997    Best in Show                           Once Upon a Time    Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1997    Patron’s Choice                    Autumn Play               Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1997    Arts & Humanities Award     Once Upon a Time    Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1996    Best Sculptor                          Arabian Dance          Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1996    Patron’s Choice                    Arabian Dream          Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1996    Honorable Mention              Great Blue Heron       Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1996    Mich Stenit Award                Humpback Whale      Brush Strokes, Cancer Society
1995    Best in Show                           Dolphin Play               Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1995    Best Sculpture                        Kelsey’s World            Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1995    Patron’s Choice                    Pine Bluff & Little E.T.  Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1995    Arts & Humanities Award     Flight Dreams              Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1994    Samuel J Butcher Award     Great Blue Heron       Midwest Gathering of the Artists
1994    Best Sculpture                        Fireman & Child         Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1994    Patron’s Choice                    Flight Dreams              Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1993    Best in Show                           Mother Mary               Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1993    Best Sculpture                        Golden Eagle             Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1992    Best in Show                           Humpback Whale      Designs of Autumn Art Festival
1992    Best Sculpture                        Hope                            Designs of Autumn Art Festival
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