Bronze by Mischell


I am a highly-qualified instructor who adheres to strict standards. I currently have teaching assignments with the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno and the Carson City, Nevada Arts Center. I also offer one-on-one private lessons in the Reno Tahoe area.

My method is to help students gain a greater understanding of sculpting through the development of their skills. I further build on that knowledge by offering specialized tutoring to help the student achieve more and more complex projects.

I take pride in having supported students with learning disabilities, as I have one myself and therefore understand how that factors into the power of art.

In 2007, I was recruited by Bert Effing, producer of "The Joy of Painting" and Bob Ross's former agent, to develop a program that would introduce sculpting to television. A pilot for the show has been aired in Berlin and Holland; development is continuing for future broadcast on PBS in North America, Europe and national television in China.
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